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I'm very glad to have found this forum.

I am a 42 year old straight male married for 9 years to a woman I love very deeply. Early in my marriage I learned that I was aroused by men hitting on her.

Web research led me to all sorts of "adult sites". Now, since I did not want to become involved with others myself, I thought at first that I might identify as "cuckold". But that lifestyle seems to have bisexual, BDSM, and voyeuristic elements that I find to be a turn off (for me personally and without judging others of course).

When I told my wife I was having these feelings I was relieved that she took in stride. She didn't, however, feel she could go through with it and since I would never dream of pressuring her I let it go.

But last year she crushed on a co-worker and changed her mind. The affair was short lived but she enjoyed the hell out of it. I suspect he did and I know I did too. I felt the ecstatic "compersion" that's discussed here, and no jealousy. Hers and my sex life, which has always great, got even better.

So here we are. Right now she isn't seeing anyone but we both know it's a matter of time and look forward to it happening again. It will be romantic, as the last one was. She isn't into having it any other way.

I still don't want to see others myself, though she is okay if that changes as we are not into any of the BDSM/denial stuff.
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