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Originally Posted by SvartSvensk View Post
It's not as though I believe women need to be treated with "kid-gloves"... this is more about sensitivity to a partner who is currently feeling insecure.
I understand, but usually when you walk on eggshells around someone's insecurities, it only magnifies them. I think it's always better to be direct than trying to figure out how to say something in order not to hurt someone's feelings. When someone tries to soften the blow of some communication to me, I tend to get more frustrated, even if I am insecure about the topic. She brought it up, and was making her own conclusion about how pretty L is, so it seems to me, even if she is insecure in some ways, that she could handle an affirmative answer better than you thought she would. I found that some of the biggest mistakes I made in my marriage was trying to do or say what I thought my husband wanted to hear instead of just being me and being direct. Just a little of my experience.
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