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speaking from someone who has cheated in the past,
and who is still with the person i cheated on,

i hope that it is possible to heal and move on from that, i know it still hurts my partner that i cheated on him, but i take full responsibility for what i did. I have done messed up stupid things in the past, mostly because i was insecure and had so many issues myself, i didn't know how to be any other way i had to learn how to behave in a loving relationshp and sometimes i still have difficulty but i try and we are always talking and are open about everything that has happened.

Just because iv made those mistakes doesn't mean i love my partner any less it really is more about how i feel about myself than how i feel about him
i dont' know if it helps for you to know that,

we are now in a mostly sucessful polyamorous relationship, and are working very hard to keep things healthy and honest

it is worth the effort in the end

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