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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I think you got yourself in trouble because you think a woman can't handle the fact that another woman is pretty. I mean, do you think G really asked if she isn't mature and secure enough to even make such a comment? I'm certain she's not that superficial. Women don't always need to be handled with kid gloves around such topics. Geez, next time, "Yes, she's pretty," is enough of an answer. All your posturing and clarifying probably made you more uncomfortable with the conversation than she was.

PS - I have no idea who Monica Bellucci is.

It's not as though I believe women need to be treated with "kid-gloves"... this is more about sensitivity to a partner who is currently feeling insecure.

And as for Monica Bellucci, she's an Italian model and actress, notably from the second Matrix movie where she played Persephone, from Brotherhood of the Wolf where she played a spy/madam dispatched by the Pope, and a lot of other things. She's stunning, and very talented as well.

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