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I know many couples new to poly think finding another couple to play with or fall in love with seems ideal. The reality is quite different. In a 2 couple situation, if both women are bi they might like each other more than feeling attracted to the other man. If you're a single guy looking for a couple, if the other guy is straight he may not want 3way sex. If he's not interested in 3way sex, he could get jealous of you and his primary feeling new relationship energy. I've talked to so many poly couples who really don't have a handle on jealousy or time management.

I've dated single guys and also tried to get with several men who were in so-called open non-mono relationships, who disappointed me with their poor communication skills with me and their female partner. Also, married couples often have kids, full time jobs and really not all that much time to date, even tho they are on ok cupid posting away about wanting another person in their life.

So far, I've had more luck with single men or women who are poly, or at least open to it, and also excellent communicators.

My gf is involved with a man who has a live-in gf. This established couple been together 2 years. The woman seems to be pretty jealous of my gf... she goes on almost all the dates my gf and her bf have, or seldom leaves their apt when my gf comes over, to give them alone (sexy) time. I happened to find her public blog yesterday, and she complained of feeling like a 3rd wheel... and my gf has been seeing her man since November!
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