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Originally Posted by lovemultiplied View Post
I've seen people mention that they are are seeking a couple rather than individual I'm just curious as to what the reasoning is for not wanting individual relatiionships...
You mean as in me looking for a couple to get involved with in a triad or as in a quad, where a couple is looking for another couple?

Speaking for myself, I read a recommendation that for a single poly, the easiest way to kick start your poly life is to get involved with an established couple. Which, in a way, I think it is. There is a surprising amount of straight-male-bi-female couples out there looking. From the get go, you don't have to wonder about coming out as poly and question if the other person is also looking for a similar arrangement, or whether you are leading a nice monogamous person along.

From a very practical long-term life plan POW, I see that multi-adult families are a good place to bring up child members and having a household with three or more working-age members in whichever combination brings many rather mundane awards, like increased free-time and ability to pool finances. Of course, communal living experiments don't have a very good track record, so I just might prefer having my own place with non-romantical flatmates after all.
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