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I'm myself super-pessimistic in what comes to triads, at least the straight male-bi-female-bi-female-poly-fi -kind that seems to be the sort of ideal poly configuration. I had no idea getting into this how popular or idealized this relationship model is made to be. I thought vee would be the natural formation, or perhaps an N (or Z, depends on which way you want to look at it).

I think the number 1 reason behind my pessimism is that it just seems to me like one way to cling on to coupledom while practicing poly, in a 'best of both worlds' type of solution. I resent all the ownership language that goes into how our society views couples so maybe I'm overreacting. I'd much rather have relationships with individuals, although I am stilling willing to date couples (but not as couples, as individuals who happen to be an established couple). And I do harbor illusions of my natural animal magnetism and otherworldly charm winning over a helpless metamour of whichever gender/orientation and just falling into a cuddly pile with my poly ball. I'd still want to go on one-on-one dates, though.

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