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Since you enjoy a sexual relationship with your husband you would not qualify as asexual, but as physically monogamous. I'm replacing 'monosexuality' with 'monogamy' to describe your situation because monosexuality is a term that encompasses hetero- and homosexuality as opposed to bisexuality.

Emotional polyamory can also arise from a situation where the partners involved have incompatible sexual/relationship orientations, such as in a woman in love with a gay man. Or a straight man and a straight woman can be in love but choose to honor their existing monogamous commitments and restrict the physical aspects of the relationship to a minimum. Whether this would still be cheating and how long the situation is likely to last is of course open to debate.

So maybe you are a poly-in-waiting ? Your other loves could have a mutually enjoyable physical expression but until now, for various reasons, haven't.

I understand your point in finding emotional nourishment in non-physical connections, however, without a pressing need for the relationship to turn physical. I usually need to be very strongly infatuated with someone to feel a strong physical desire for them, and tend to have more of a 'I can take it or leave it' attitude towards sex at other times.
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