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I do agree with some of your points that this is a touchy time period for her, but i don't see where i would be less supportive for her. I dont' want just a g/f for me or a b/f for her, i want someone for us together (i guess the term is triad). On the other topic of this coming off to sound selfish about my needs my rebutial is that my theory on life for any single person is that if you are not happy and don't put yourself first how are you help or satisfy others in your life? Also, last night it just so happened that the MTV true life "i'm in a polyamory relationship" aired agian and we watched it together. She was quit and didn't say too much which i expected, but at the same time usually if she doesn't like something or is disgusted by something she will turn it off or speak up. For now i'm just going to give her time and let her think about it, i think she needs time to grasp the concept or principal behind it. I also found some get clips on youtube i'm going to show her. keep the feedback coming!!
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