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I can see such diversity in opinion. I guess that's a natural case of differences in backgrounds and history. It's obscene that someone has to pay $60,000 for help though, especially if they were out of work or stuck in a hard place....Probably at the time they most need the face of ill health, or facing chemotherapy....or invasive surgery.

I believe health care is a fundamental human right. If that is one's first premise, the capacity to suggest it's dependant on:

You take care of yourself.

Who judges that ?

1. If you eat too much, should that exclude you ?

2. If you drink too much ?

3. If you smoked a couple of joints in high school and that has shown a link to depression/mental health problems

4. If you slept / or sleep with someone of the same sex ? (that caused aids in the 80's, the media would have caused us to believe)

5. You drive too fast on the highway ?

6. Do you spend too much time in the sun ?

7. Do you have multiple sexual partners ?

8. Do you have enough fresh fruit and vegetable in your diet ?

I don't feel it can be argued as a conditional "privilege" based on how "good" you have been, that suggests a setting of standards I don't like. Nor your capacity to pay. All people deserve health care and we are creatures of compassion, being human is what entitles care, and be cared for.

Just my slightly pink opinion

I've found the insights valuable - Thanks

Gotta run...plane to catch.

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