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Originally Posted by SeventhCrow View Post
So, you're not responsible for their lack of communication. You're also not responsible for their lack of working through problems in their relationship. Their issues are theirs to own and address--as a friend of mine likes to say about personal responsibility: "Own your shit."
I absolutely agree..thats why even though its hard and ill miss them a LOT, i think this time apart is the right decision..thanks SeventhCrow

Originally Posted by SeventhCrow View Post
I'll suggest that you spend time dating other folks while they work their issues out.
ooh, you and my rational mind say the same things...i know i should, i just really dont WANT to. these are rare people, for sure they are flawed, and the dynamics of their relationship are also, but i dont think ive ever felt this depth of love for anyone. or known people who seem to 'get' me the way they do. i know how silly that might sounds since we've only known each other for about a year, but its how i feel..the prospect of a month without much contact with them makes me cry, i dont really want to think about writing them off completely, and probably thats what dating other people seriously would mean, at least for a while. but youre right. and probably once the haze of all these hysterical feelings has cleared, and ive had a bit of therapeutic solitude, i'll see that
Thanks SevenCrow!
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