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This is veering towards general 'poly and dating' conversation, but even risking it, I have to say that I have found it hard to attract partners of either sex until very lately. I put my recent semi-success down to general increased confidence and life-happiness, and the accumulated effect of having a larger social circle. I venture a guess that before, I might have been slow to pick up cues even if someone did show interest, because in general I thought it very unlikely that anyone would be interested.

The checklist for men who are not getting laid was a humorous one made by a neighbor of mine, but I think it's made a lot less funny by the fact that TL4's post echoes the very same resentment that makes some men in the dating scene so unattractive, no matter how superficially attractive they might be on the outside.

The 'open your legs and welcome' is as untrue as saying that all men are just after sex. There are plenty of men out there who do not like sexually forward, confident women at all.
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