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Oh trust me RP, I know that the attitude of women who just have to open their legs and let the cocks in, is not the best. I know it is "sad"....However, it is TRUE.

The reality? It is this: A guy who treats women with little respect, will attract more women to him. A guy who is "the nice guy", will attract women to him who think he's gay.

It's a catch 22.

I have effectivly given up on "chasing" women. I can't dance, so I can't meet women at dance clubs. I am more introverted, so I have a hard time meeting them and "getting the digits". I can flirt no problem.....but to get past that point, is difficult for me. Meah....It's no wonder that I'm a 95% match to my wife...She talks to almost anyone about almost anything, and could EASILY get a phone number.

I would also like to mention that I have NEVER had a beer belly. I am a martial artist, so I take good care of my body. I rarely drink at all, and never smoke. I am well groomed also. And I STILL have a hard time attracting women. Most people who see me, think I'm gay. Why? Because I'm tall, and blond with blue eyes. Or so I'm told. It's not like I sache down the sidewalk or anything. I don't have a gay bone in my body. But for some odd reason a lot of ppl think I'm gay. Ask my wife. It's odd.....And maybe it's just because I'm so open minded and so open to change.
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