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Originally Posted by Tia View Post
I would be careful about giving up yourself to "follow all their rules" completely though. What happens if they decide on a rule which is totally abhorrent to you? You'd have to go back on your assertion, and that could be more damaging to their trust in you in the long run.
Hi Tia!
I think youre absolutely right about not leaving myself open to completely give M&H all control of the rules, i guess what i was trying to say was that i will be comfortable moving at a pace as slow as they need, and will respect their boundaries (so long as mine are also respected) i should say that instead:P
and thanks Tia! im not feeling particularly beautiful or selfless right now, maybe more like a little mopey and self-pitying, but thanks for confirming what i thought, which is that stepping back for now is the right thing to do.
thanks for helping me edit!
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