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Originally Posted by moonstone View Post
Seeing me as I am??? Who or how or what is it, exactly, that I am? I would really like to know what that question means...
I'm just trying to figure out what your concern is. ARe you worried that somebody might see something that you don't want them to see? That they'll form a negative opinion of you based on what they see? That they'll see something that provides them with information about you that you lack, yourself?

I'm not really asking for the content, either, just the process you use to think about it.

Nudism is probably one of the few things I am closed minded about. But I am far from being a closed minded person. I just put importance on aestheticism and looking as good as you possibly can. when I see sags and wrinkles its like watching a bad performance.. (I hope that is not awful. I swear i am sweeter than that)
So you're highly visual. That's OK. The only time there could be problems is if you created problems by lashing out at folks who violate your aesthetics in harsh fashion. Preferences aren't a problem and don't indicate whether one is sweet or not. (And I've read nothing to indicate that you're not sweet, just so ya know!)

I'm highly auditory. Poor voices bug me. I'm also a trained percussionist, so bad drumming bugs the hell out out of me. I have to actively struggle at times to tame my reactions to it.

I have dated many people who were not attractive and fat and all colors so its nothing personal. I am attracted to minds really and good hearts...I have also modelled nude (5 years) so its nothing about the body that displeases me per se.

Much more to ramble about here but i have to take a test tommorow..
My wife and I met online. Before we met in person, she once described what wasn't her type--and described me to a T! I think that's a good indication of the power of attraction via good minds and good hearts.

Oo...model? I shoot nude art photos. If you were in this part of the country, I'd offer a session (despite not being able to pay well).

And good luck on your test!
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