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Default el paso texas bi triad

hello all we are a happily married couple he is 29 white she is 27 hisp we jusrt realized we are poly(sortof explain as you read) weve been having mmf bisexual threesomes ...well not a lot only two but the second one was like a light turning on. At first we thought we were just wanting to be swingers or at the least extremely kindy as we are both into compersion and both into men, well then the second threesome happened and it was electric hands down the best sexual experience me abnd my wife have ever had and i mad e my wat around the block a couple times before i met my wife. Well suffice to say he has an open invitiation to come to our bed whenever but the more we have thought and talked about our fellings we realized it wasnt just sex we liked him a lot wanted him to sleepover hang out the stuff you would do with your gf, and we loved doing it together and especially the fact that it was all mutual everyone like each other. well were both jealous i would not let my wife have a seperate relationship too much jealousy and vice versa but we loved the idea of a third someone for both of us ideally wed love to meet a bi male who we build a mutual primary relationship with and then eventually add a 2nd female to turn our triangle into a circle well would love to hear from you guys and make some friends for chatting who are of likeminds and maybe even find mr and miss right to multiply our love with
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