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hi were new here as well im 29 and my wife is 27 married 8 years mostly monagimous well im bi shes veryopenminded about two years ago i realized i was bisexual id had gay exp before but they were just ok well my wife like and we started exploring a few solo encounters with men and a couple solo encounters with women, the solo with men was ok and the solo with women woohoo the next day was not very fun as we would get into bad arguments. Eventually we tried mmf bi 3somes we had two diff partners first one sucked, then the second OMG it was amazing and everything we dreamed of this aprtner was everything we fantasized about and more (i think were in love with him) well we have been very confused to say the least we love each other so much that we were even willing to explore flings with others to satisfy our desires. So after watching this show strange sex on tlc about polyamory we got to thinking hey maybe theres something to this and we have been dying to see this guy again and we thought it was just baout sex but now we realize we fell for someone together andit is such an awakening maybe were not normal even as far as poly is concerned as it seems like mainly its consentual seperate relationships, thats not what we want we want a love affair where someone is attracted to us as a couple and wants everyone to be into eachother and we think that could work we know it works with our f.w.b and it honestly seems to make more sense to us than a standard two party relationship and our dream would be to expand our relationship to include a 3rd male and eventually a 2nd female

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