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Hey! So, an update is in order. For starters, I told my mom. The conversation (about the theory of polyamory) had been coming up of it's own accord. The first time it was her who brought it up. Yesterday, we were walking our dog, and I confessed the situation to her. She was totally supportive and receptive. About our age, I realize we're all young. But all three of us are unusually intelligent and in touch with ourselves. Like I said prior, I've had a hard time understanding the way I love, and coming into polyamory has really shed light on parts of my character I hadn't been wholly aware of prior. So while I understand everyone's need to mention that we're/I'm young, and can sympathize with any reserve our ages might strike you to possess, I can assure you that we are all addressing the situation with as much maturity and level-headedness as we can. That said, I pointed them both to this thread. They read it, we talked. The one thing I'm most certain of is the importance of communication in creating our foundation, and I thank everyone for their guidance. It's important to have my mother's approval, but it's amazing to have found people who have tread this path before me, people older and wiser who can help me on this journey. Gosh, that was corny as all hell. But, really, thanks. I'm very excited about everything I've learned so far, and look forward to the potential for more understanding to come.
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