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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
If you are a male and are looking for female sexual partners, a few house rules will almost guarantee success;
1) Take a shower. Clip you nails. Wash your teeth.
2) Take a look at your manners. Are you a chauvinistic pig? See point three.
3) Try to curb that open resentment you feel towards women who are not sleeping with you. It does show.
4) Still no success? Consider lowering your standards. We can't all be banging Angelina Jolie, after all. She needs sleep, too.

I personally don't believe finding sex partners is THAT much more difficult for men that it is for women, whereas finding LOVE is difficult, period. However, if you want to get out to the dating scene, try one of these tricks;
1) Be interested. Cultivate a hobby, a past time, a passion. People who are interested are interesting.
2) Open yourself to love. It does show.
3) Be patient. The universe seems to work in a way that when you really really want someone in your life like NOW, nobody's out there. And when you are happy and content and fulfilled they start coming from every direction. Literally, you can't take a walk through a bar without being hit on two or three times.
Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
Spoken like a true woman. The harsh reality is this: A woman has but to open her legs and say "anyone wanna do it?" And she will have men begging to get into her good graces.

Men, however, have a much more difficult time. (unless they are a greek god and hung like a horse. 50% aint bad I guess. Which 50% is for everyone on here to think about. LMAO! J/K) A man has to be witty, and cautious when looking for a woman to romance. Not to mention he has to think fast on his feet. None of these things are required by women. All she has to do is be willing to jump in the sack and she will have a man.

Now, for a relationship of more substance, is a LITTLE more difficult. But not much. Usually, all it takes for a woman to find a man, is the willingness to be open to a relationship.
I like your list Blackunicorn. I agree with much of what you say. Women spend a lot of time and attention on these points and generally speaking from my own dating experience and from what I hear men talk about while not in the company of women, men do not.

Not that men have to be like women at all but they need to realize that they are far more attractive if they take care of themselves. Full stop. Really, that is so broad and so valid. I know so many men that apparently talk about young thin chics they would bang and how pussy dries up after 30. I hear this from reputable sources... yet they are sitting there with their beer belly's having not seen the light of day for the weekend cause they didn't leave the house and do something.

Women make a huge effort to be presentable and attractive. They make a huge effort to do things with their lives and be active and have interesting careers and do interesting things.... yet men don't seem to be as bothered to do so.

I highlighted above, because this goes both ways. We all have to do certain things to attract a mate of some kind.

As for the opening my legs and just letting all the cocks in? Ya, I have known lots of men that have that attitude. Have gone on dates with a few. I knew one man that drove for three hours to fuck someone he met on line. Had to take something to get it up but went there, fucked her, she offered him to stay the night and he made an excuse that he was allergic to cats and drove back.

Sad, just sad. What that does to women is just sad. If you are not kept well, or are not as "pretty" as others then all you are good for is a fuck. If you are "pretty" and kept yourself well and it shows, then you are objectified and used and all you are good for is a fuck. Sometimes, someone genuinely wants to actually have a relationship with you! Sigh... there is such a long way to go it seems on this stuff.

Bottom line: Men that listen to women when they tell them what would be attractive in a man will get the girl I think. Women have no problem telling men what they expect. It's when they blow it off that they miss the point and could possibly not have anyone interested in them. There is a HUGE amount of women who just won't even be bothered with men because they tend to not get this point. On dating sites it is super evident. There is not many men given a chance on them because they all come off the same; as wanting to fuck.. If you want to know how to attract a woman, to have a relationship with, ask one that you respect.

Sorry esarati300, this is a little off topic, but not really. Maybe it will help.
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