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It sounds like you are interested in trying it out so why not. You can be mono and date someone who is poly for sure, but you would be like dating someone that has a career that takes time away from you, or a hobby. Sure, people are not hobbies, etc. But, all emotions aside, that is what it is like. If her availability is not an issue for you then you should be good to go. Especially if you are not concerned about jealousy. If you find that her time is not as free enough for your liking then you would either have to just suck it up and get used to it, request some different boundaries around that (request that she not add more people to her life for instance, which she could agree to or not), or find someone else to date that isn't poly.

If you haven't already, a tag search on "mono/poly" might bring some good threads up for you to read
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