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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Why not? Asexual people can have multiple romantic partners and may never engage in sex.

I think it is totally possible to be romantically in love with people and not engage in sexual activity. The love is the same but the expression is just different.

For some this would be frustrating, for an asexual person this would be completely adequate. For a person with boundaries around physical partners it might only be tolerable.

You don't even need to include poly in this question because the same principle would apply to a romantic but non-sexual monogamous relationship.

Getting to know asexual people has really changed my view on love and sex.
It seems to me that getting to know this forum will change my view on a number of things. I have never really thought about anyone being asexual, but it makes absolute sense if that person has no sexual leanings or predispositons. Thank you for teaching me something new today.
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