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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I'm not one of those couples.
the ones I've met in r/l-were doing it in order to avoid "jealousy" issues that arise when one partner feels that it's "unfair" if their spouse has another partner, but they don't.
There is truth to this. However, it works better for some couples than others.

For LT and I, it works best that way, although we ARE trying to break from that mold.

We know others who are just the opposite though, and WANT a single for each person. Along with this, neither person wants to know anything about the others dealings with their secondary. I guess if it works for them, then great. For me, I prefer to know every detail of how someone has made my beautiful wife so happy. As well as how she made THEM happy. I wanna know it all. LOL My mom used to call me one when I was a kid....Now I know why. LMAO!

For US, that dynamic works....Where we date a couple.....But it doesn't work for everyone else.
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