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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post

I take those match percentages with a grain of salt. I mean, do you really want someone who's just like you? LOL. I think anywhere from the 60s and up could be good. The people I'm a 90% match with usually don't work out, for some reason.
Oddly enough, My wife, is a 95% match to me....and I am a 94% match to her. We think it's pretty cool.And the more questions I answer, and she answers, the higher our match percentage goes. LOL After 20 years together, I think we think a lot alike...and yes...I LOVE being around others who are very similar to me. I would be bored as HELL at a cat show or dog show....and I'm sure the woman who enjoys those sorts of things, would be HORRIFIED at the thought of going to watch UFC at Winghouse. (I could be wrong) So yeah, I want someone who is as much like me, as possible.
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