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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
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Couldn't you look for a woman just for you, if LT has a guy just for her?
No. Per L's request. She is not comfortable with me going out alone with anyone right now.
Got it. Cool - I understand. I just thought that you two were doing something different now, because of your posts about looking for a guy for her. Til then I thought that you had only been interested in a triad, so I misunderstood.

Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
This woman was an 84% match for me....but to my wife, this woman was only a 63% match. She said "See? We'll never find a woman who is a match for both of us.". So I pointed her to the last guy who was a good "match" for her. He was like a 92% match to her, but a 66% match to well as a 33% enemy to me. I turned it around and said "See? We'll never find a guy who is a match to both of us".......but whatever.
I take those match percentages with a grain of salt. I mean, do you really want someone who's just like you? LOL. I think anywhere from the 60s and up could be good. The people I'm a 90% match with usually don't work out, for some reason.
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