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Today, I did something stupid, I'll admit it freely. To be fair, I was caught off-guard, and I think it was done deliberately. We hit the drive-thru (not a usual thing, but we needed a snack in a pinch) and while I was paying the lady, taking the food, and trying to unwrap a straw, G hit me with the whole, "Gee, L must be really pretty if she does pinup modeling..."

Right there, alarm bells should have been going off - "DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!", but as I had my hands full, and wasn't really paying attention, I just answered the question with an unwittingly stupid response, that was of course taken COMPLETELY the wrong way. "Huh? Oh yeah, she's pretty. You could totally model too, I mean, I guess I don't really think she's any prettier than you are."

WRONG ANSWER. Or rather, correct answer, incorrect delivery. I followed with, "I mean, it's so hard to compare, I find different people attractive for different reasons, I mean, in so many ways you're prettier and in many others, she's got it going on..."

GRAVE GETTING DEEPER. Shut up while you still can! But no... "Dammit, why do you have to ask me things like that, now you're all freaking out and I'm all pissed off, and bah, blargle!"

Great. Good one, Svart, you've done it now. Finally I decided to apologize, and just shut my mouth for awhile.

After eating, in silence, she perused the local nursery looking for plants for the new house. When she was done, I gave her a hug which she reluctantly accepted. "Can I ask you a question?" "What." "Who's prettier, Monica Bellucci or Jessica Biel?" "Monica Bellucci." "See, that's exactly what I would've said. ...but Jessica Biel is stunning, and many other people would have said her instead. Personally, I had a hard time deciding, they're different sorts of pretty, but as for me, I'm a bit partial to Monica." She looks at me hopefully. "You realize you're Monica, right?" *hugs*

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