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Again, I cannot stress enough how wonderful it has been to read everyone's responses. Knowing there are others rooting for me and my partners matters a great deal. I'd been looking online for a while, hoping to find a good support group. My gosh, I think I've found it!

Above all, what I've gathered from your responses and advice is that communication first and foremost is key. As soon as I am able to secure some solid time, I'm going to bring a few things up with my gentleman, if but for comfort and clarification purposes. First, when can I expect to see you? How often would you like to see me? When do you typically see her? I've been mulling over the NRE phenomenon. Without knowing what to call it, it has been a concern of mine from the outset. I likened it to the transplantation of a new sprout into a garden. When you move a living thing from a pot to new soil, it takes a good deal of tending. The right about of water, love, food, and sun are all crucial to its adjustment. In that same way, I feel like this "new" relationship needs attention, both from him and eventually from her. I'm just as excited about getting to know her and grow emotionally with her as I am with him. I feel like if we keep a good head on our shoulders, and try to include everyone in the NRE process, then we can make it through this transition with a really solid foundation.

Again, it's just been amazing to have your interest and support. I will keep you posted!

(Also, going to go pick up "Sex at Dawn" asap.)
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