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I need to say something here: This is about close bonds and trust. Perspectives are always highlighted in the passions, and make it harder to see the issues. You speak to wanting to be in love with PNG, and I believe this is truly a hard change to look into. You love her, so trust her with your heart. trust that she will work for the best interest in you and your relationship. It seems to me that some insecurity stems from a lack of knowledge regarding poly couples. There is no hard and fast rule for dealing with the posessive and jealous feelings that come up. They happen to nearly everyone, and the one solid piece of advice I can give is to own up to them, discuss them and find a working solution. It means stretching your comfort zones, and PNG might need to progress slower, but at least you both will be active in working through this. What if's will kill you, so dont dwell on what might happen.. work with that is happening to you at that moment, and remember that with no expectations, there will be no dissapointment, just a willingness to understand and accept. Its not easy, but nothing worth having is ever easy.
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