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Default The girlfriend

So I mentioned my wife and I have been dating a girl for a couple of weeks. She actually made contact with us on a popular dating website. We took that route to meet someone because the only other option we saw was a swingers club. Although fun these tend to be more sexually oriented. It's a fun time but casual sex is not what we are looking for at all.

Meeting this girl has seemed to me like fate, a family situation came up that was truly trying for us and S, as we will call her , stepped up to help without even knowing us well. This has endeared her to me greatly and caused all of her qualities to shine even more brightly. My wife and I both are very much into her and she likes us as well. What are the chances that the first person we date in a triad arrangement would be this compatible? This interesting? This fun to be around? Perhaps its this new relationship energy I've read about. But as of now things, despite our little family emergency, are going well. I have that feeling that you get, its hard to explain, it is like the future is bright and sunny. That things may slip into place to create a beautiful mosaic. Yeah its cheesy, yeah its idealistic, yeah odds are against it. But what were the chances the girl I met in band in high-school would be my soul mate? Is it even possible to meet two people like that in one life?

This is all speculation and of course we are moving things along slowly. Maddening slow. But that's the smartest way to move and its comfortable for all involved. What would be great is if someone with experience in this area was around to offer some advice or insight. Most likely insight as I tend to rebel against advice. That is of course unless the advice is from my wonderful wife. Who has repeatedly advised me not to move too quickly. Wise words from a wise woman.
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