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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
About fairness, well it's kind of a hard question. I don't think fairness is the same as parity. I mean that I don't think you should always have partners at the same time.
Let me explain: if you push it to its logical conclusion, if one of you breaks up with their partner, then the other one has to as well, even if the relationship is going great, even if there is love, etc. That would, in my opinion, not make it fair at all, even though it's about parity. It wouldn't be fair to the two people whose relationship is working, and it would be extremely unfair to the other partner who had nothing to do with any breakup.
Yep yep, parity reflects more what I understand to be the swinger mentality. You can't force neither love nor connections.

If you are a male and are looking for female sexual partners, a few house rules will almost guarantee success;
1) Take a shower. Clip you nails. Wash your teeth.
2) Take a look at your manners. Are you a chauvinistic pig? See point three.
3) Try to curb that open resentment you feel towards women who are not sleeping with you. It does show.
4) Still no success? Consider lowering your standards. We can't all be banging Angelina Jolie, after all. She needs sleep, too.

I personally don't believe finding sex partners is THAT much more difficult for men that it is for women, whereas finding LOVE is difficult, period. However, if you want to get out to the dating scene, try one of these tricks;
1) Be interested. Cultivate a hobby, a past time, a passion. People who are interested are interesting.
2) Open yourself to love. It does show.
3) Be patient. The universe seems to work in a way that when you really really want someone in your life like NOW, nobody's out there. And when you are happy and content and fulfilled they start coming from every direction. Literally, you can't take a walk through a bar without being hit on two or three times.
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