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Ummagumma, are you saying that you are poly by accident and not by 'choice', as it were, meaning you don't really identify as polyamorous and thus with the poly community?

While I think that it is a perfectly valid place to be in, going to a poly meet just might help to take of bit of the mystery around the lifestyle away. The people there are normal and nice and pretty functional (well, there is a higher than average concentration of Neo-Pagans/gamers/vegetarians/BDSM folks but you get the big picture ). One thing why I recommend people to check out their local group is that by just patrolling this board, you might think polyamory is all about high-strung emotional drama and processing. And then you go to a meet and see that struggling/transitioning mono/poly couples are actually just one side of the story, and there are a lot of people who are perfectly cool with their partners having additional partners. I think it's a bit similar for a gay boy coming from a small town to the big city and seeing perfectly nice and normal people who share the same gender identification cuddling and kissing each other. Just to see that you can be poly and perfectly functional and happy.
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