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Default An article I found

Now, I'm sure most of you have read/encountered this. It's two years old, and it's the first news-related item that pops up when you Google "polyamory." I bring it up because towards the end there's a quote from a professor at Rutgers that insists it's against human biology to engage in polyamory. Now, I'm neither a biochemist nor a psychologist, but I am a writer, and thus consider myself both highly intuitive and empathetic. I can see the logic behind polyamory. For one, there's the increase in solidarity amongst the members committed to the relationship. And doesn't it just seem illogical to assume one human can fulfill all your needs?

Does anyone know of any other articles that deal with this issue? Or understand more about the chemistry? Just curious.

Also! Here's the quote: "Polyamory might sound like heaven to some: a variety of partners, adding spice and a respite from the familiarity and boredom that's doomed many a traditional couple. But humans are hard-wired to be jealous, and though it may be possible to overcome it, polyamorous couples are "fighting Mother Nature" when they try, says biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, a professor at Rutgers University who has long studied the chemistry of love."

And the link:
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