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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Hey TL, I was under the impression that, since you've been looking for a guy for LT, that you two were interested in having separate relationships for now. Couldn't you look for a woman just for you, if LT has a guy just for her? In that case, you wouldn't need to limit yourself to bi women, or a "unicorn" situation where you have to share her (gosh, I'm really beginning to hate that term). Might be easier to find someone, maybe?

What's your username on OKC?
No. Per L's request. She is not comfortable with me going out alone with anyone right now. And if I find someone who I like, she must be bi, so we are all together the first few times. This is so that L can feel more comfortable with the woman. I respect that, and therefore don't look for any women who are not bi. The problem, is that even here in a large city like Tampa bay, there are only 3 pages of women who match my criteria and live within a 50 mile radius of me.

In her defense, I do something similar with her. (albeit for different reasons) I go out wiht her on her first few dates with a guy. I do this to let the guy know that I AM her husband, but more importantly, to make sure she doesn't get put into a bad or dangerous situation. This is also per her request.

I recently said what you did... about looking for straight women also....but it isn't something she is comfortable wait patiently. Today, I pointed out a woman who was straight. This woman was an 84% match for me....but to my wife, this woman was only a 63% match. She said "See? We'll never find a woman who is a match for both of us.". So I pointed her to the last guy who was a good "match" for her. He was like a 92% match to her, but a 66% match to well as a 33% enemy to me. I turned it around and said "See? We'll never find a guy who is a match to both of us".......but whatever.

I need to stop posting right now...My back is killing me, and I'm irratable...Which may cause me to type things that I don't mean...Or things which are simply mean. I WANT this to work......But don't know how.
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