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When you said enjoyed your time together four months was he showing his feelings? Because mine is so guarded lately that he's acting differently. He still wants to hangout but he has issues showing affection or interest. Even if we hang out all day and not in public he's holding back a lot and he does want to go on dates and probably will. He says he never stops thinking about wanting a girlfriend and believes I cannot be his definition of girlfriend. Knowing he can "never move in with me" or intorduce me to his family makes him want to not let his feelings get any deeper, yet if I ask him if he wants to "break up" he's hesitant to call it quits. I feel because he doesn't wanna hurt me. I think I may have to walk away since he's choosing to avoid fully enjoying time now. I feel like I give and give my love, but get 50% back. Maybe. When he's in the mood. I wish he could take a risk on this relationship instead of holding on but holding back.
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