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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
I am sorry you take offense. But I am well aware of the statistics. My parents and even wife have their problems with OCD and anxiety (amongst a lot of other mental challenges) in the end they can still chose not to.
Yes, my daughter technically "can" choose to not use, but it's taken over 5 years of intensive medical/psychological health care for her to become strong enough to be *able* to choose. And she is far from out of the woods yet. We still live on eggshells anticipating another meltdown. I know you are also an alcoholic and went thru a lot of shit to quit recently. But you don't need to be on 3 expensive medications just to get through the day like she does (afaik).

I am sorry about your parents' fatal obesity/eating disorders.

So sorry you took offense, but the problem is still the same. This doesn't dismiss my point. They needed better help before the addiction. Maybe more knowledge in advance of how addictive they can become.
Haha! In a perfect world. She was a cutter, hid it from the family from age 14 to 16, long before she started drinking...

Fix the health care system from he ground up and maybe it will cost less overall
Yes, I agree with that.

I also should have clarified. I wasn't going to give my big ass speak about health care as I have debated this a lot in life and I have a huge number of Olomouc
What is Olomouc?

and idea. My point wasn't they didn't deserve health care, I believe there should be a premium. Whether that is found in a fast food tax (etc etc etc) I dont care where it is found. But if you treat your body like crap in any way, you should have to pay more.
How would you enforce that? My daughter can't afford to pay *more* because of her illness! She's so sick she can't even hold down a job consistently, much less pay extra for health care.
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