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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Oddly I first joined La Leche League in 1985. In the years since I have worked with dozens of mothers who did not breastfeed their first child (or only did for a day or 2), because of lack of education or support, but went on to nurse subsequent children for much longer. It would be easy to find families like that for more research.

Anyway, my first point was that if babies are breastfed in a tribal situation by women other than their biological mother, they will then become more like those other women, immunologically at least (if not genetically)... The implications are enormous if you think about it.
It's a little more difficult to find these families though where the second child has recieved an organ transplan from the first child (and a little unethical to perform unnesecery(sp?) organ trasplants on healthy individuals.

I was also wondering if the risk of rejection would go down further if a child was to recieve breast milk from a paternally related woman as a baby if the risk of rejection would go down even further in sibling to sibling transplants. I think I'm going to look into this some more and see if there has been any further research done because this is really interesting.

Maybe in the future they might be able to look at people who were fed with banked breast milk from a variety of sources to see how that impacts organ rejection. Although I don't know how often you would get a case that would fit those parameters.
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