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Originally Posted by Setxfamily View Post
Actually we do have a national Health insurance program. Several in fact. They are called Medicare and Medicaid...
Yes, for the indigent and elderly. Many health care institutions and individual doctors do not accept these programs, however. In my state, many technically say they accept MassHealth, but then you can still get turned away, because the clinics will submit your bill, but the state still won't pay.

and many states also have their own in state programs such as CHiP for Texas and then there is the Government program of WIC for pregnant mothers and young children...
WIC (women, infants and children) is a food program, not a medical service.

There is also a federal ruling that all medical establishments that accept federal funds must accept anyone that needs emergency care at their ER rooms,. And most colleges and universities offer a medical care package to their students.
My daughters were offered health care thru their community college, at $700 a year. Almost as much money as tuition. And other Western countries also offer free college educations! Health care and education are for the elite, not the lower working class.

People die for lack of health care in this country every day.
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