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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
BTW, I take offense at your assertion that alcoholics and drug abusers "create their own health problems" and therefore don't deserve health care. My daughter has borderline personality disorder and one of her issues is a compulsion to mask her extreme anxiety by self medicating. She has lived in 3 sober houses. One of the directors told me that most of the ppl in her house had mental health issues, which made them turn to alcohol or substances.
I am sorry you take offense. Bt I am well aware of the statistics. My parents and even wife have their problems with OCD and anxiety (amongst a lot of other mental challenges) in the end they can still chose not to. My parent mental illnesses caused them to over eat and become addicted to food which in turn made them fat then obese then dead. My father killed himself by eating himself to death. He did that, not the disease.

I believe the number is 30% more likely actually. And everyone I know who has OCD etc, tries to not even start because they know the chances of addiction greatly increases. The immediate effect release from their personal torture of anxiety and OCD is immediately relieved by alcohol in ways medication can't. It's amazingly powerful and dangerous.

So sorry you took offense, but the problem is still the same. This doesn't dismiss my point. They needed better help before the addiction. Maybe more knowledge in advance of how addictive they can become. But in the end alcoholics and druggies are a burden on society... As are overeaters... As are all those people who use the emergency room for crap problem and end up cock blocking peep who need help. Fix the health care system from he ground up and maybe it will cost less overall...people need to take more personal responsibility for their health...
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I also should have clarified. I wasn't going to give my big ass speak about health care as I have debated this a lot in life and I have a huge number of Olomouc and idea. My point wasn't they didn't deserve health care, I believe there should be a premium. Whether that is found in a fast food tax (etc etc etc) I dont care where it is found. But if you treat your body like crap in any way, you should have to pay more.
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