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Originally Posted by bella123456 View Post
I know this is an old thread, I just have one last question...

I don't understand why a government of a developed country fails to provide health care to it's people.

It feels like one of the most basic of human rights.

Was it there once and was taken away ?
Or, was it not established in the first place ?

And, do people fight for it, or have they given up fighting ?

What's the story ?
Appreciate it folks....looking to understand this place...
Okay this will be not be a simple explanation. For the full story you will need to do your own research. My spelling and typing is not always the best so please bear with me.

Actually we do have a national Health insurance program. Several in fact. They are called Medicare and Medicaid and many states also have their own in state programs such as CHiP for Texas and then there is the Government program of WIC for pregnant mothers and young children, There is also a federal ruling that all medical establishments that accept federal funds must accept anyone that needs emergency care at their ER rooms,. And most colleges and universities offer a medical care package to their students. So medical care is actually very radically accessible to anyone who needs or desires it.

The Obama medical insurance bill is not an insurance program is reality but a way to redistribute wealth and control people and information. What he and the other democrats seek to do is take or transfer more power to the government. They seek to put caps on how much a Dr. or medical specialist can make (communism), if you study the whole bill and understand our society you will see that it only really benefits a small percentage of our current society.

So far 14 states have applied for waivers to be excluded from this bill and 8 more have joined the waiting list. Over 400 companies have applied and received waivers from the bill. If this is suppose to be so great why are waivers even being considered much less granted? This bill is not going to save the average person money but cost us a ton more. Already this year my family and I have seen an increase of over 12% to our insurance costs and during the Presidents run for office we were promised that our rates would never increase.

I will stop here due to the fact that I can quote a 100 reasons why this bill is not good and answers to your question.
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