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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Fear of communism.

People in this country who don't want state or federal health care think it will take away their freedom to choose their own health care provider.

Of course, they are willing to pay taxes for state funded public schooling, fire fighters, police, road and bridge work, prisons, etc etc.

It's hypocritical and just plain stupid, IMO. Luckily I live in Massachusetts where we do have state funded health care (we are nicknamed Taxachusetts), and thank god we do, because i have a young adult mentally ill daughter who'd probably be dead by now if she didnt have state health insurance.
I don't think it's so much the fear of communism anymore (at least for most of us), but the fact that the many of us just don't have that much faith in goverments ability to handle it effectively. The system as it stands SUCKS, but nothing they have proposed so far shows any hope of things actually getting better. Part of the problem is that it's the politicians are in charge of creating a new system.

I currently have a bare bones insurance, so I usually tell the doctors that I don't have insurance and want the cash price. It usually gets knocked down to 1/2 what the insurance companies are charged, and for office visits, that's less than my copay. The whole thing is a big racket right now. Hopsital/doctors over or double charging the insurance companies, insurance companies deciding not to pay for necessary stuff and then raising our rates 25% every year. The insurance companies want you to use their "prefered providers", but if I pay cash, I can usually get it cheaper by going somewhere not on the insurance company list. How many people call around to the different hospitals and actually ask how much an X-Ray is? I had to do it when I had no X-Ray coverage, the "prefered hospital" was twice what the others were charging. I can just immagine it getting worse when the goverment gets involved.

Opps, sorry for the rant.

Taxachusettes, I've heard that. My parents lived there for 5 years when my dad was in the Air Force, 40+ years ago (I was born there). Welfare recipients made more money than he did as an officer.
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