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Although my educational background is in psychology, it is not in clinical psych, and no qualified therapist would attempt a diagnosis based only on second-hand information. That being said, your wife sounds uncannily like a textbook case of histrionic personality disorder. I suggest you look that term up if you are unfamiliar with it as it may give you some insight.

I am very concerned for both the long term welfare of your daughter. Please take seriously the reactions you are getting here from us. We are sex-friendly, open-minded, and tolerant of lifestyles that would be rejected by the bulk of mainstream society. We have no reason to attack you or your fiancee.

Please don't dismiss our concern.

My husband says you should take your daughter and run because this woman will destroy your life and screw up your kid. He is horrified.

I would not go so far as to say that, though I am not sure if this is because I believe you would reject such advice and react by closing your mind to the warnings here, or if it is because I am less pessimistic. I am leaning toward the former.
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