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Once again, OKC has sucked for me.

I re-did my account on there. As did my wife. Within an HOUR of re-opening her account, she had e-mails. I re-opened mine about 3 months ago, and still have yet to recieve an e-mail, OR a response to any I have sent.

In an experiment, I had that account closed, and had my wife open a new one for me. This time, she did the description and added the pics she thought would be best. Still nothing....So she started looking around on there FOR me. She found a person she thought I would like, and started a conversation with her. Turns out she and I (this new girl) are completely different. She is into the whole bondage thing and being a "slave", etc. I'm totally NOT into that. I act out a dom occasionally for my wife because she likes that, but I can't hold up the act long. My wife likes to be restrained.....I can't stand it.

So, I finally, after 2 or 3 e-mails to/from this lady, told my wife that if SHE wanted to talk to this lady (who is also bi) and possibly hook up with her, then by all means, go for it.....But that I was NOT going to keep on talking to her.

It's not like I'm not active on the site either. I take quizes, andswer different things, send out e-mails to the 2 or 3 women who are actually in my area who are decnet looking....AND bi.

I don't have to find just ANY unicorn...I have to find a PURPLE one....with a pink horn and blue eyes and red hooves. Whatever....I've given up anyway.

Dating has either changed...Or I just always sucked at it. LOL
There is a lid for every pot...Sometimes even two or three...
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