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Tonight, G and I went out wine and beer tasting at a local place. We didn't say a word about our current situation, and instead just worked on having fun and loving/enjoying each other, which was a total success. We found several incredible finds - an Italian wine that was delicious, a Swedish-made English Porter (1/2 idjit) that was one of the best I've ever had, and a Belgian Golden style ale called "Fallen Angel" which was such a delight to behold.

We walked home, my arms laden with new purchases (a place that lets you drink booze there AND buy bottles is dangerous), and it was just a wonderful little moment. On the way home, we saw three full-grown barn owls living in a palm tree together, and heard babies within. We stood there for five minutes watching them fly, silently, in awe. If ever there was an omen, this was it. ...I guess owls are Poly.
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