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Originally Posted by esarati300 View Post
here is the deal. i let my wife go out with this guy and i have no partner. is that fair at all? makes me kinda jealous that i don't have a partner. when she go see him she go to his house. i mean what am i getting out of this? plus i get lonely when she leaves. she is only thinking of herself and not me. am i going crazy? i have met this guy and he is really down to earth. should me and the guy talk more to each other? i mean he is going out with my wife. i feel left out of the group. any help would be nice.
Do you want other partners and can't find them?

If you've opened up your relationship than things won't happen at the same time for both of you. Accept that. If this is a one sided thing and you agreed to it, you made your own bed. If you didn't want it and aren't ok with it then yeah..I guess it would be unfair...

More details please

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