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I went and took a look at the survey. It is less than optimally written, I hate to tell you.

From the beginning:
5. Have you loved more than one partner at the same time? Yes or No
6. Did you love them equally or was one a favorite? Equally or Favorite

Now, obviously Question #6 can only be answered if Question #5 is answered "Yes." So why is Question #5 even there? Or maybe it's Question #6 that shouldn't be there, depending on what you want to find out.

Also... #18 asks if there is an agreement for a partner to spend nights alone with a lover. You say if the answer is "No" then not to answer the next question about how often the partner does this. YET ~ there may not be a literal agreement, but that does not mean a partner doesn't spend nights with someone else. Furthermore, what if the amount of time spent with someone else is not predetermined, and just kind of happens when it can? So, weekly, monthly, or every six months could all apply. Finally, these questions all seem only to pertain to partners that live together. To a solo poly person, or someone in a LTR, those questions do not entirely make sense.

The survey is rather skewed toward sex habits of partners who live together. It also doesn't really seem to be about polyamorous relationships, per se, as much as it is simply about non-monogamous sex. But I am sure this whole process will teach you a great deal -- probably mostly the fact that answers about polyamory don't easily fit into a survey!

Good luck!
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