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Default My situation exactly

God I thought you were quoting my situation word for word.

I DO still love deeply our "M", and she too grabbed my heart in similar ways. I still have the note she wrote to me back in the start of our triad and look at it all the time. It was so sweet. SHE was so sweet. How could I NOT fall for her.. but she was and still IS in love with magik, and it will never be returned to me the same way. And IT IS painful. VERY Painful. Almost as painful as watching him cry for her, and knowing it is ME she is rejecting, and because of that neither of them can be together and happy. I want more than anything to make the 2 people I love happy, but that can not happen with me present. She loves and cares about me enough to step out of the situation to protect US, and I love her enough to let her go, but God I do not want to. I would have given that girl the world, and I tried. but it is Time to move on and hope it happens with out the "what if" next time, and let her move on in peace and hope she can find happiness too one day.
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