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This week was nightmare busy. I didn't get all my homework done (no requirement, just personal goal). I didn't finish all of the weekly goals on Maca's and I's agreement either.

It's the week before "that time of the month" and I'm fucking hormonal out of this world. In and out of tears all week. That leaves me feeling idiotic one moment, needy the next, followed by idiotic etc.

The grandbaby has been MISERABLE. He and mommy are leaving Monday for 2 months in Oklahoma, so there's been LOTS of running around to do to get them ready.

The 15 year old is having his bday party tomorrow night, so lots of running around and planning for that.

We're still trying to finish putting the upstairs bedroom back together (needs paint) so GG can move into it. THEN Sourpea will be able to go back to her own room downstairs and all 3 younger peas will have their own rooms back. But-it's not done and it's been daunting.

I'm "roomless". I can sleep in GG's room, and I can use his room anytime.... but... it's his room to me. Not my room. So, I have no personal space that is mine right now. Not cool.

The SourPea (3yo) is feeling needy-because I've been busy running around and her daddy is gone and GG has been busy with home improvement stuff. So, she's been acting out more.

Tonight is "datenight" with Maca. I'm waiting for him to get out here from town to pick me up (can't take my van, because the kids will be here with GG and if something happens, he needs a vehicle). Once Maca gets here, then we'll be driving back to town for the night. But, we don't know where the hell we'll be STAYING. He was SUPPOSED to be moving into an apartment today, but it's kind of up in the air. He was texting me about it-but had to go, so I don't know what's going on with that.

Rough week.

On top of that, I'm struggling with an honesty issue...
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