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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Wow, LR! Maybe you two work better together with a little distance. Perhaps dual homes is the next step in your relationship - hey, you never know! I've met people for whom that really works well.

Just glad to hear that things are moving forward for both of you.
We're in dual homes for the time being. In THIS way it's certainly not my preference, having a 50 mile distance between us is LAME. But, in the past I've said many times that I thought it would be optimal to buy 10-20 acres and build several homes. That way we could have a little more "personal space"; but still be close enough that "seeing each other" wouldn't be a big planning fiasco... which it IS right now. When it's an hour drive either direction-you have to plan for 3 hours just to have an hour visit. Fucking SUCKS ASS.

Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight View Post
Hi LR!
Glad to see things are getting better between you and Maca. Have the nightmares stopped?

I've worked out that SpicyPea is the new mother. Is PPea the new arrival? Is that to be taken phonetically and describing one of the manufactured products? If not, and the baby hasn't got a name yet (or if PPea proves embarrassing later), might I suggest SnowPea? Given your location and the date of birth... (Or is that a British term?)

Have you noticed that I've grown up? (Read this.)

Still dancing...
Nightmares have stopped. Have had some bizarre but funny dreams the last two nights.

SpicyPea is my oldest daughter. (19yrs)
SaltyPea is my oldest son (stepson). (15yrs in 2 days)
SplitPea is my Godson-but he's now "missing". (14 yrs)
SweetPea is my youngest son. (11yrs)
SourPea is my youngest daughter. (4yrs in June)
PPea is the new grandbaby. SnowPea isn't a bad idea. I hadn't thought of a good online name for the new baby.

I haven't checked out the link yet-it's been an erratic and hectic couple of days. I have only spent very short moments online and gotten NO homework done.
Haven't gotten any dancing in either actually!

Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Nothing but smiles for you Pretty Lady Glad you guys are still working at it.
No giving up here Mon. When I have doubts, I just read your hysterically endearing posts and find myself re-energized!!

Originally Posted by sage View Post
Isn't snowpea a neat name? I hope you post again soon LR I'm really enjoying your posts here. . . . . . . . .
I guess what I'm trying to say in all this ramble is that I know things must be full-on for you right now, and maybe it's hard for you to post as well but right now this is my favourite blog and with the nature of my work I follow a lot!
Sage, I won't totally disappear. I haven't posted here or my peresonal blog all week. It's been such a freaking nightmare busy week!
Next week is testing for the kiddos (required standardized educational tests). I'm hoping that while the testing is going on I can take the laptop and go to the coffee shop, maybe do some catching up!
I'm glad to know there are people still reading though. Sometimes it seems like what I write is so pointless.

Originally Posted by sage View Post
Thanks Mono does he have a blog?
He does...
I'm pretty sure it's in my other blog... I'll look...
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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