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Originally Posted by pheonixaise View Post
Yeah, well I guess I didn't mention this, she DIDN'T date while pregnant, just intensely before and quite a bit afterwards.
So she dated other men intensely while still in NRE with you. And then in the 9ish months since, continued, while also practicing attachment parenting and bringing your infant daughter on dates with random unsuitable guys.


You have to understand, she isn't a bad person
No one is saying she is crazy or bad or that you are a bastard. Those words are coming from you. She might be neurotic and your relationship seems very confused at best. If you both have Asperger's, as you have implied, I'd say, proceed with caution in the poly world.

As for firmer boundries, they have already been set. We are monogamous except for at these vacation times. It's not an issue anymore as I see it. Not until she gets to that event and then realizes she wants that all the time.
Well then, it's not really settled, is it?
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