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I am currently in a FMF triad. I love my husband and our girlfriend. It was really rough on me the first time we all met. The NRE was much more there for her with him than me. It wasn't our first poly experience but it was the first with goals for a long term relationship in mind.

I was the one feeling ignored and unwanted. I felt that they wanted to be together and I was just there. I no longer feel that way. I know I love them as much as they love me and each other. It was just that the NRE was of a more passionate nature with them and a slower, more caution process for her with me. I am a very passionate person and to have that not reciprocated right away was very difficult for me.

We have and do talk constantly about our relationship and how to make it better and how to meet each others needs. We have been searching for Poly groups in our area that meet on a night all of us can go to. It's been hard finding one. We are still looking. I'm glad to have this forum to be part of. It's been great being able to read what others have shared. I do prefer face to face talking where you can see the body language to help tell more about what a person is really trying to say versus just reading it and trying to decipher if something is wrong or if they are just venting a little steam.
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