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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Derby, are you a La Leche League Leader or lactation consultant (IBCLC)? I am both. Just my credentials.

This is off topic, but let me address your post. I have seen research which is very compelling. Many siblings took part in a study where one sibling was an organ donor to another. In all the cases, the 2 sibs who both breastfed from the same mother had much better success with the recipient not rejecting the donated organ. The conclusion was 2 breastfed siblings had more in common genetically than 2 sibs born of the same mother but not both breastfed by her.
I'm a public health nurse. Siblings tend to be fairly similar genetically anyway, usually closer than to either of their parents. All the DNA that you're ever going to have you get at the moment of conception. Breast milk contains lots of antibodies that do no end of good for someone's immune system and it doesn't matter who the source of the breast milk is.
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